Customized Engineered Wood Parquet

From manufacturer direct to customer at unbeatable price

Our flexibility allow us to offer you a wide range of oils and water varnish colours, a selection of different surfaces: brushed, handscraped and smooth. Lots of combinations are available.

All our engineered wood production is handmade by expert artisans.

Tutto Parquet will listen to you and to your ideas.
Together will build the wood floor project for your home.

Come in our showroom and see with your eyes the first and biggest assortment of colours, surfaces and finishes of engineered wood in Malta.

Two-Layer Engineered :
Two-Layer is our budget-friendly standard engineered option.
These floors provide the beauty of solid flooring but with greater flexibility and less height restriction.
Two-Layer can be laid directly on concrete or on tiles with glued-down system, enabling it to fit into less space.
150/190x1900x10 mm
125x1200x10 mm

Three-Layer Engineered :
The three-layered pre-finished parquet consists of three wooden layers which are firmly glued together.
This kind of parquet is Single-strip Oak flooring for glued-down or floating installation (with underlay), available in big sizes, as if to express its character, its presence and its beauty.
190x1900x14/15 mm

Also herring bones and chevron bones can be customized.
The secret of the engineered wood parquet’s high quality in our constant quality control and in the latest technology used in its production process.

Why Engineerd Wood Parquet?

Engineered wood flooring brings the look and feel of hard-woods.
They are more stable and more convenient to be installed.
There are many different types of engineered floors
all of them have a real wood top layer in single strip.
The huge advantage of engineered wood flooring is stability.
A perfect installation with glued system makes the engineered wood and the background
just a unique floor. The wood parquet can be laid straight on a proper concrete screed.
It restricts the movement of the planks and the step-noises are reduced to the minimum.
Long wide planks with a generous oak top layer which can be sanded numerous times if required.
It is available in different colors, finishes and offers outstanding value.


Traditional - Solid Wood Floor

The Solid wood flooring planks are produced from single pieces of wood.
It is the installation that takes time due to the sanding and application of finish layer on site.
The installation must be glued-down or nailed-down.

The dimensions are:

Thickness: 10 mm
Width: 60 mm
Length: 225/300 mm

Thickness: 14 mm
Width: 70 mm
Length: 400/450 mm

Thickness: 15 mm
Width: 70/90 mm
Length: 400/600 mm

Thickness: 21/22 mm
Width: 100/180 mm
Length: 600/2400 mm

Two-layers prefinished engineered wood
Available in different types of wood, with various layers of varnish, for a classic style.
The noble wood layer ensures the right balance between
elegance, resistance, elasticity and long duration.
Only for gluing system laying.

Dimensions Planks:
Thickness: 10 mm
Width: 70 mm
Length: 420/600 mm

Thickness: 10 mm
Width: 70 mm
Length: 490 mm

Thickness: 10 mm
Width: 90 mm
Length: 600/1000 mm

Thickness: 10 mm
Width: 90 mm
Length: 900 mm

Thickness: 10 mm
Width: 120 mm
Length: 900/1200 mm