It looks like hardwood. It’s inspired by hardwood.

Laminate can simulate the look of any number of natural hardwoods
just by snapping the perfect picture and transferring it to the floor.
It can also simulate natural textures and patterns
creating a look so natural no one will ever know the difference.
In our showroom you find a huge collection of patterns with AC3, AC4 and AC5 rating.
The best brands for you and your floor.

Do you know what AC rating is?

AC is the common term used to denote the durability level
of laminate flooring is the Abrasion Criteria or “AC” rating.
The AC rating assigned after testing specifies the level
of stress and the suitable location for the laminate flooring to be installed.
The AC rating levels are designated AC1 (low) through AC5 (high)
each reflecting the product’s application and durability.
There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration
in addition to AC Rating such as thickness and finish.
An AC3 for residential use is perfectly adequate.
AC4 and AC5 products could be used in all residential and commercial areas both.